Film: Big Trouble in Little China
Music Composed and Performed by John Carpenter
Album Produced by John Carpenter
Recorded at Electric Melody Studios, Glendale, California
Recording, Mixing, Sequencing and SynthesizerProgramming by Alan Howarth
Record Label: Enigma Records
Release Date: 1986

1. Big Trouble in Little China – by The Coup de Villes (3:13)
2. Pork Chop Express (3:40)
3. The Alley (2:00)
4. Here Come the Storms (2:20
5. Lo Pan’s Domain (4:30)
6. Escape from Wing Kong (8:00)
7. Into the Spirit Path (7:07)
8. The Great Arcade (7:50)
9. The Final Escape (6:58)


the Coupe De Villes – Big Trouble in Little China