TV Movie: Body Bags
Music Composed and Performed by John Carpenter and Jim Lang
Soundtrack Album produced by John Carpenter and Jim Lang
Recorded and Mixed at Knobworld, Echo Park, CA by Jim Lang
Synthesizer Programming and Sequencing by Jim Lang
Record Label: Varèse Sarabande
Release Date: November 9, 1993

1. The Coroner’s Theme (6:29)
2. The Picture on the Wall (1:15)
3. Alone (3:46)
4. Cornered (1:41)
5. Locked Out (3:11)
6. The Corpse in the Cab (3:00)
7. Body Bag #1 (2:19)
8. Brain Trouble (4:51)
9. Long Beautiful Hair (5:44)
10. Broken Glass (1:05)
11. Dr. Lang (2:44)
12. The Operation (1:14)
13. I Can See (1:05)
14. Vision (0:54)
15. Vision and Voices (4:34)
16. Put Them in the Ground (1:21)
17. Vision and Rape (2:22)
18. John Randle (4:21)
19. …Pluck it Out (3:47)



The Body Bags score was composed using Digital Performer software running on a Macintosh Iicx computer. Sampling was done with an Emulator IIIxp and a Forat F16. Other electronic instruments include Hammond B3, Wurlitzer electric piano, MicroMoog, Roland MKS80, D550, Prophet VS, Yamaha DX and TX series, EMU Proteus 1 and 2, Korg M1r and M1rex, and an AKAI 612.

The score was digitally recorded using Alesis ADATs and BRC and John Hardy microphone preamps. Microphones included AKG414, Shure VP88 and SM57. The music was mixed on a custom Speck Electronics model 62 console. Signal processors used include: Behringer MDX 2000, SNR 802, DBX165a, B&B and Troisi cq, Dyna-Mite, Aphex expander gates, Lexicon and Yamaha Reverbs, Zoom, TC and Korg delays. Additional DSP and editing done in Sound Designer/Sound Tools. -John Carpenter