Body Bags


TV Movie: Body Bags
Directors: John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper
Producers: Dan Angel, John Carpenter, Sandy King
Screenwriters: Billy Brown, Dan Angel
Starring: Stacy Keach, David Warner, Sheena Easton, Debbie Harry, Mark Hamill, Twiggy, Robert Carradine
Music Composers: John Carpenter, Jim Lang
Cinematographer: Gary Kibbe
Editor: Edward A. Warschilka
Production Companies: 187 Corp., Showtime Networks
Distributor: Showtime Networks
Release Date: August 8, 1993
Running Time: 91 minutes



As a power surgical saw whines in the background, The Coroner (JOHN CARPENTER) is introduced seated at a small, elegantly set dining table. He rises from his meal, a blood rare steak, and begins his rounds.

Bodies are everywhere – on gurneys, on an autopsy table, and hidden away in the vaults. The Coroner is obviously looking for a good story to tell us. Avoiding those corpses that are tagged “death by natural causes” as boring, he finds what he’s looking for – the body bags.

The Coroners eyes light up. “These are fun,” he says with a smile. “You see, when it’s murder or suicide or a nasty accident, they stick ‘em in the bags. It prevents leakage. Yes indeed, every body tells a story…” And, while two morgue attendants (Tom Arnold, Tobe Hooper) duck out for a coffee break, the Coroner begins to tell the first of three tales.

Back at the County Morgue, The Coroner is now the victim. Two men perform an autopsy on him. When they take a break, the Coroner, with innards oozing out of him, winks at the camera. “By the way, come by again some night,” he says with a sly grin. “There are bound to be a few more good stories down here.