Film: Escape from L.A.
Music by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth (A)
Music by John Carpenter and Shirley Walker (B)
Music by John Carpenter (C)
Music by Shirley Walker (D)
Record Label: Milan Records
Release Date: August 9, 1996

1. Escape From New York Main Title (2.07) A
2. History of Los Angeles (2.09) B
3. Snake’s Uniform (0.58) C
4. Submarine Launch (2.36) D
5. Sunset Boulevard Bazaar (2.03) D
6. Motorcycle Chase (2.23) D
7. Showdown (1.27) C
8. Beverly Hills Surgeon General (4.10) B
9. The Future Is Right Now (2.00) D
10. Hang Glider Attack (2.30) D
11. The Black Box (1.14) D
12. Escape From Coliseum (1.53) D
13. Helicopter Arrival (2.05) D
14. Fire Fight (2.49) D
15. Escape From Happy Kingdom (1.30) D
16. Crash Landing (1.38) D

Music Produced and Arranged by Shirley Walker
Orchestration by Lolita Ritmanis & Michael McCuistion
Recorded and mixed by Robert Fernandez
Additional Recording by Doug Botnick
Electronic Valve Instrument: Nyle Steiner
Sample Synthesist: Jamie Muhoberac
Keyboard Synthesist: Mike Watts & Shirley Walker
Electronic Percussion: Mike Fisher
Harmonicas: Tommy Morgan
Hammer Dulcimer: Daniel Greco
Guitars: John Goux
Bass Guitar: Nathan East
Rock Drums: John Robinson
Timpani Soloists: Tom Raney & Greg Goodall
Daiko Drum Soloist: Robert Zimmitti
Violin Soloist/Concert Master: Endre Granat
Soprano Oboe Solo: Jon Clarke