Film: Village of the Damned
Music Composed by John Carpenter & Dave Davies
Produced and Engineered by the Robb Brothers
Recorded at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles, CA
John Carpenter – Synthesizer & Bass Guitar
Dave Davies – Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Bruce Robb – Hammond B-3
Additional Synthesizers – Paul Mirkovich
Orchestra Conductor – Paul Mirkovich
Orchestra – Xiao N. He
Eun-Mee Ahn
Michael P. Harrison
Helaine Wittenber
Miriam A. Mayer
Glenn Grab
Karl Vincent-Wickliff
Record Label: Varèse Sarabande
Release Date: May 23, 2014

1. March of the Children (8:07)
2. Children’s Carol (1:43)
3. Angel of Death (1:38)
4. Daybreak (1:16)
5. The Fair (1:33)
6. The Children’s Theme (1:17)
7. Ben’s Death (3:20)
8. The Funeral (1:55)
9. Midwich Shuffle (2:04)
10. Baptism (1:05)
11. Burning Desire (5:00)
12. Welcome Home, Ben (1:05)
13. The Brick Wall (3:20)



My friend Dave Davies, founder and lead guitarist for the legendary British group Kinks, began our musical collaboration by sending me a cassette containing a sketch which actually defined the direction for the soundtrack for Village of the Damned. Eventually referred to as March of the Children, Dave’s music was beautiful, haunting, dark and somehow heroic. I loved it.

We began working with the Robb Brothers at Cherokee Studios, and five or so weeks later produced a score combining live instruments with electronic synthesizers. Bruce Robb guided our compositions, moulded them, shaped them, and when they came out of the speakers they were transformed into one of the most full, most romantic scores I’ve ever done. -John Carpenter